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What Time is 20:07?

If you have been wondering about what time is 20:07, then you have come to the right place.

What time is 20:07 in regular time = 08:07 PM
What time is 20:07 in military time = 2007

What Time is 20:07 Hours?


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24-hour clock12-hour clock
20:0208:02 PM
20:0308:03 PM
20:0408:04 PM
20:0508:05 PM
20:0608:06 PM
20:0708:07 PM
20:0808:08 PM
20:0908:09 PM
20:1008:12 PM
20:1108:11 PM
20:1208:12 PM

What is 20:07 in Military Time?

20:07 in military time is 2007.

Below you can determine the military time name, letter and time offset of 2007 for all military time zones as shown in the UTC time zone map.

This table defaults to Zulu time zone (UTC +0).

Time Zone NameLetterUTC offsetMilitary Time24-hour clock12-hour clock
Yankee Time ZoneY-121200Y12:0012:00 PM
X-ray Time ZoneX-111300X13:0001:00 PM
Whiskey Time ZoneW-101400W14:0002:00 PM
Victor Time ZoneV-91500V15:0003:00 PM
Uniform Time ZoneU-81600U16:0004:00 PM
Tango Time ZoneT-71700T17:0005:00 PM
Sierra Time ZoneS-61800S18:0006:00 PM
Romeo Time ZoneR-51900R19:0007:00 PM
Quebec Time ZoneQ-42000Q20:0008:00 PM
Papa Time ZoneP-32100P21:0009:00 PM
Oscar Time ZoneO-22200O22:0010:00 PM
November Time ZoneN-12300N23:0011:00 PM
Zulu Time ZoneZ00000Z00:0012:00 AM
Alpha Time ZoneA+10100A01:0001:00 AM
Bravo Time ZoneB+20200B02:0002:00 AM
Charlie Time ZoneC+30300C03:0003:00 AM
Delta Time ZoneD+40400D04:0004:00 AM
Echo Time ZoneE+50500E05:0005:00 AM
Foxtrot Time ZoneF+60600F06:0006:00 AM
Golf Time ZoneG+70700G07:0007:00 AM
Hotel Time ZoneH+80800H08:0008:00 AM
India Time ZoneI+90900I09:0009:00 AM
Kilo Time ZoneK+101000K10:0010:00 AM
Lima Time ZoneL+111100L11:0011:00 AM
Mike Time ZoneM+121200M12:0012:00 PM

How to Say 20:07

20:07 is pronounced twenty oh seven, seven minutes past twenty, fifty-three minutes to twenty-one

08:07 PM is pronounced eight oh seven pm, seven minutes past eight pm, fifty-three minutes to nine pm

2007 is pronounced two-zero-zero-seven hours

In conclusion: