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What is 3/4 of an Hour?

The term is an an expression for the measurement of time.

45 minutes equal 3 quarters of an hour.

For example:

The plane will arrive in tree quarter hours = The plane will arrive in 45 minutes.

Three Quarters of an Hour

Three quarter hours are represented by the movement of the minute hand of an analog clock by 270 degrees.

3 quarters of an hour = 3/4 h spelled out.

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How do you write three quarters of an hour?

You can write it in decimal notation as 0.75h, or as 45 minutes.

What does 3 quarters of an hour mean?

It means 3 x 15 = 45 minutes.

How many minutes are there in three quarters of an hour?

Forty-five minutes.

How do I say “1/4 Hour” and “3/4 Hour” in English?

Say “a quarter of an hour”, and “three quarters of an hour”, respectively.

Is three quarters of an hour hyphenated?

As a quantifier of a noun, three quarter hours is not hyphenated.

How do you build 3/4 of an hour?

Because 3/4 = 75% and as an hour has 60 minutes, 0.75 x 60′ = 45′.

Which is longer 3/4 of an hour or 1/4 of an hour?

The former period is longer because it comprises of three quarters.

What is 3/4 of an hour in decimals?


How to calculate 3/4 Hour in payroll?

0.75 x hourly wage.

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Additional Information

Three quarters of an hour is a multiple of a quarter of an hour, which is discussed in much more detail in the linked article.

It is really recommended checking it out as it has a special calculator, a downloadable Excel sheet and much more.

In the table in the appendix you can see how the expression of time is used as a mixed fraction.


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1 1/4=1h+15′
1 1/2=1h+30′
1 3/4=1h+45′
2 1/4=2h+15′
2 1/2=2h+30′
2 3/4=2h+45′
3 1/4=3h+15′
3 1/2=3h+30′
3 3/4=3h+45′
4 1/4=4h+15′
4 1/2=4h+30′
4 3/4=4h+45′
5 1/4=5h+15′
5 1/2=5h+30′
5 3/4=5h+45′
6 1/4=6h+15′
6 1/2=6h+30′
6 3/4=6h+45′
7 1/4=7h+15′
7 1/2=7h+30′
7 3/4=7h+45′
8 1/4=8h+15′
8 1/2=8h+30′
8 3/4=8h+45′
9 1/4=9h+15′
9 1/2=9h+30′
9 3/4=9h+45′